10 Brilliant Travel Hacks That You All Need:


Travelling is a huge stress buster. It provides a great relief from the dull and monotonous life. Further, it allows the individual to come out of his comfort zone. People find their inner self while on a journey and this is a favorite leisure activity of many. Some family journeys whether they are domestic or national make the best of the memories. So if you want to embark upon the hobby seriously you have arrived at the right post. Read further to know about the best and brilliant travel hacks.

10 best travel hacks




  1. Save on Accommodation: If you are traveling alone try booking a single room from an individual and if you are traveling with your family try for a family homestay from the people eager to rent their house for a shorter duration. Some sites like AirBnB provide best of the deals in this regard.
  2. Save Luggage Space: Roll your clothes in your suitcase or travel bag. Doing so will provide you with lots of room to stuff in the extra goods and will also significantly reduce the number of bags to carry.
  3. Keep a Soft Copy of all your required documents: Self-mail the scanned copies of all your vital documents such as passport, identification cards, driving license and so on. These can come handy whenever required.
  4. Authorize your card for overseas use: If you are traveling abroad then do remember to call and arrange the overseas banking via credit / debit card. Do so in advance to avoid the last minute hustle.
  5. Put a fragile mark on your baggage: This can ensure a safer handling of your belongings and will ensure that all your belongings are delivered to you intact.
  6. Save Space with little efforts: Put your undergarments and socks in shoes to save space and keep things organized. Also, you can try keeping the earphones, chargers, and cables in glass cases to save space and keep them intact.
  7. Use compact form of cosmetics: Carry the cosmetic products such as shampoo and SPF in straws to keep them handy
  8. Binder Clip is quite useful at times: Use binder clips to protect the blade of the razor. Also, you can wrap your earphones around a binder clip to save them from tangling.
  9. Belt for Collar: Use a belt to keep your shirt’s collar crisp
  10. Pen Springs are not just for pens: These can be used to keep the mobile phone chargers intact. Pen springs also save chargers from breaking and bending.



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