10 things you must learn before 30s


The age of thirty is an age which comes with lots of responsibilities and pride. You have passed 3 decades of your life and are in a new phase where you are expected to give the best of you. Some people argue that at this age a person should have his own house, good bank balance, own car, and social recognition. People also opine that by 30 a person should be married and should have an offspring too. But are these things the only prerequisites for entering the 30 years of age or do you need to learn a few other things? Have a look at the things you must definitely learn before your thirties.

  1. Be focused on knowledge and not on degrees:

You should start giving more importance to education and knowledge instead of degrees. Academic qualifications do not necessarily mean you are well qualified. You must possess the desired skills too.


  1. Understand that Money is not the only solution:

Money isn’t the only answer to every issue. Parents, family, social life and other things are equally necessary to lead a healthy life.


  1. Learn to value time:

Time and Tide Wait for None – You must learn to utilize your time efficiently. Instead of killing your time learn to invest it wisely. It will be greatly useful to you.


  1. Don’t pay heed to people’s bullshit:

You must learn to not to pay attention to the judgment of others and move on your path. What others feel about you makes the least impact on your life. Never be influenced by peer pressure.


  1. Start Taking Good Care of your health:

Till the twenties, you must have been careless about your health fitness. But at the 30s one becomes susceptible to various disease. Start taking good care of your health and recognize the power of meditation and exercise.


  1. Start Valuing Your Family:

In teenage and in the twenties, many individuals move far from their family for further studies or in quest of lucrative job offers. By 30s start valuing your family.


  1. Stop Worrying:

Worrying will do you no good. There is no benefit of taking tensions and worries about trivial issues. Stop worrying much and start enjoying the real life.


  1. Make your friends circle close and restricted:

In youth, many people hold a mistaken view about their friends. By 30s it becomes an utmost necessity to differentiate between friends and acquaintances.


  1. Pleasure can be derived from the most unexpected place:

Some joys can be derived from the simplest forms of nature and what thing can fascinate you can’t be predetermined. Life works this way only.


  1. Watch Your Tongue:

Mind what you speak. Do pay attention to the possible consequences of your words. Make sure you are speaking the right thing to the right person.




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