14 tweets that prove Arijit Singh is the Voice of Our Generation!


Is there any voice that does justice to love and heartbreak; that’s the voice of Arijit Singh?

He started as a young boy who failed to make up himself to Finals of Fame Gurukul and went to becoming the undisputed king playback singer of Bollywood. Despite hell lot of problems, his journey towards industry is both inspirational and heartwarming.

And, today there is no film featuring without Arijit Singh as the playback singer.

His voice gets a trigger in everyone’s heart with various emotions within seconds, we soon find ourselves in harmony. Right from the slow song like, Chaana Meereya to party song, Nashe Se Chadh Gayi; the guy has every mood to feel and sing.

And as fans, we aren’t giving enough to him. Later or sooner, we shouldn’t feel shy about expressing our love for him.

Here, comes the twitter splashed with appreciation, gratitude and unconditional love.

Arijit Singh’s ‘Acha Chalta Hun’ effect became real.You won’t mind this type of robbery.

First, losing our hearts, and then, those sleepless nights.

His songs are completely filled with emotions. He stirs the right kind of emotions for every song.

Keep it up, Arijit Singh!

Now, what can be the greatest compliment other than this a musician can get?Pupils’ happiest sound is Arijit!

The full complete pataka of Bollywood. No song is complete without Arijit!

Even, I can wait hours in the shopping mall with Arijit’s songs playing in the headphones.

His fans are with him through thick and thin.

Oh my gosh! International fans too.

Oh my god! Those Goosebumps songs.

Woh dard v kya cheez, jo mehsus hi nah ho; this is it. When emotions convert to art.The person who broke your heart. We want to know it, Arijit!

We every song Arijit sings, he establishes a voice filled with ‘dard.





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