All You Need To Know About iPhone 7

Finally, the wait is over and Apple has launched iPhone 7 and iphone7 plus at its annual event in San Francisco.
Many speculations about iPhone’s design have been proved wrong as the new iPhone is similar to iphone7 but has several big differences when it comes to features.
It now supports a pressure sensitive button, faster processor, a better battery life, good camera and even no headphone jack.

Upgraded Features:

  1. No Headphone Jack:iphone

The New iPhone has introduced a new concept of headphones. The new iPhone will now be using the charging port for headphones and will also enable wireless headphones.
  1. Upgraded Camera:iphone7-plus-select-2016

For the first time, ever iPhone will feature a dual camera. It has been modified to enable low light capabilities and take even sharper and better images. It has a new 12 Mp sensor that’s 60% faster and 30% energy efficient. The dual camera lens will solve the problem of quality reduction while zooming.
The camera will also feature 4K video recording.
The front camera has also been upgraded to 7 MP from 5MP for better selfies.

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  1. Appearanceiphone 7

Apple has added more colors to the phone model and removed space gray. The new model will now be available in 5 different colors, featuring 2 new shades of black.
The colors are matte black, glossy black, gold, rose gold, silver. Also the color “JET BLACK” will be offered for only high-end models such as 128 GB and 256 GB
  1. Improved Battery Life

The new iPhone will feature the best battery life till now. It will last two hours m0re than iPhone 6 and one hour more than iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 plus.


 5.Water Proof

The new iPhone 7 will be water resistant with the IPX67 rating. That implies that its hardware can bear immersion up to 1 meter of water for continuous 30 minutes. That means your iPhone won’t go anywhere even if it is dropped in the loo.
  1. Improved Home Button

The home button will now give a vibration feedback to the users, a feature which has already been used in Mac Book laptops.

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7. Price

The iPhone 7 4.7 Inch costs nearly 43,000-44,000 and the iPhone7 plus with a display of 5-inch costs 52,0000. Model Specific Prices Yet To Be revealed.

 How Long You  Have To Wait To Order An iPhone 7 or iPhone7 plus.


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