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In a daylight robbery, six persons barged into Kerala-based gold financing company Manappuram Finance Limited branch in Jalandhar on Monday afternoon and made away with 10 kg of gold and cash.
The branch, located on the first floor of a marriage palace, is only 1 km away from a police post.
Immediately after getting the information, police officials rushed to the spot along with forensic experts to initiate an investigation, sources added.

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The robbers pushed assistant branch manager Naresh Kumar, his junior colleague Ankit and a customer, Ram Lal, inside the bathroom before fleeing on an Activa scooter and a motorcycle. The branch manager, Goraya-based Harpreet, was on leave yesterday.
One of the gang members posed as a customer and rang the doorbell of the office at Ramamandi area and as the security guard approached, asked him to open the main gate, police said.
As the guard opened the gate, all the gang members barged in, held him at gunpoint and asked for the key to the locker room, police said.

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The robbers were out by 12.40pm. NRI customer Ram Lal says robbers were Hindi-speaking and aged between 20 and 25. “Only one of them had his face covered. He wore a cap,” he said. Company cleaner Reeta, who was at a nearby bank for personal work, returned at 1.30pm to find the branch robbed.
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The security-camera footage shows that the robbers came in on two motorcycles and a Honda Activa scooter, and two of them held black bags. The branch has three cameras, all controlled from the headquarters in Kerala. Police suspect it to be an insider’s job. The company employees are under interrogation.
No arrest has been made in connection with the incident, police said, adding that sketches of four persons have been released by them.



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