3 ways to get thinner arms at home


It’s not possible for everyone to hit the gym for thinner arms. You can easily get it at home. Here are easy and simple ways to tone your arms at home.

  • Triceps Dips2015-09-16-1442430240-4451307-sculptedarmsworkouttricepdips

This is an effective fat burning exercise. It not only tones your arms but also works for your back. For this workout, all you need is a couch which is at least 2 feet from the ground.

Stand in front of a couch or a chair. Keep your arms on the couch with the fingers pointing forward. With your back straight and legs out in front of the body.  Move arms and the back down such that the elbows are right behind the body. From straighten arms to moving down is 1 rep. Go for at least 10 such reps.

  • Scissorsscissor-jacks

As the name suggests, we need to do this exercise as in the form of open & close scissors. This exercise is one of the best ways to tone your arms.

Begin this exercise by stretching your arms in a horizontal manner like it comes to the level of the shoulders. Stretch on sideways and bring them to the front. Place the arms in a crossed manner. Like, the left arm over the right one! This is open scissors. Get back to the original position to get the closed ones. This is to be done 10 reps every day.

  • Dive Bomber Push-up2015-09-16-1442430159-4984755-sculptedarmsworkoutdivebomberpushup-thumb

This not only tones your arms but is also good for your back & legs. Start this workout in a downward facing position , sweep your chest down and move forward. This is much like cobra pose in yoga. Keep your palms and fingers in the opposite direction of the body. Now, push your arms & hips to get back to the normal position to complete one cycle. Do this workout at least 10 reps every day.



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