4 Times When Karma Did It’s Work


For every action, there will always be a reaction. Your thoughts and actions are powerful. They carry energy. They are like an echo. We have all taken a different path in life but somehow we are all linked. Whatever you do will always come back to you. This is Karma.


Here are some of the instances of real life that clearly show how Karma did its work.

1. Stop Sign Thief Killed in Car Accident


Tyller A. Myers was just that guy who stole stop signs in his spare time because he was a 19-year-old with a Ford F-150 — it was practically in his Dipshit Teenager contract.


Then one night, presumably while out Robin Hood-ing some stop signs stealing from those who had too much traffic control, Myers ran an inexplicably unstolen stop sign. When he drove onto the highway after blowing straight through the intersection, he was hit by a semi and later pronounced dead on the scene.

 2. Thief hit by a bus seconds after robbing a woman


In Bogota, Colombia, in May 2013, a man grabbed a woman’s phone at a bus stop, wrestling it from her hand. He turned to run away and only got a couple of steps before he was hit by a bus. The whole incident was caught on surveillance tape, aired by the BBC and other media.

3. The man murdered by the corpse of the person he killed


Sigurd Eysteinsson was the second Viking earl of Orkney. After one such exploit, Eysteinsson was on his way back bearing the chopped-off head of his opponent. However, the corpse’s head seemed to have its own plan for revenge as a tooth in the head grazed Eysteinsson‘s skin. In mere days, Eysteinsson died of an infection.


4. The bone thief whose bones were not spared


Michael Mastromarino became a millionaire by stealing bones, organ tissue and other body parts from more than 1,200 corpses. He died from liver cancer that spread to his bones.






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