5 best cities to study in India


Want to study in India, but don’t know to where to study? Here is the list of best cities to study in India.  Moreover, these cities are also known as student- friendly cities.

  • Pune

Pune is known as “Oxford of the East”. Though in every aspect, it’s one of the smaller cities, but more affordable too. It is well known as a hub of IT firms. Undoubtedly, Pune  also translates to higher job opportunities.  Due to many colleges in the city it also appreciates more of extra-curricular activities. It completely follows the principle that “ Amid of studies, fun is also a must”. Symbiosis is one of the top renowned universities in Pune.

  • Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams. A lot of people come to this city of dreams to try their luck in the bollywood and top universities. The number of job opportunities in Mumbai is lot higher as compared to other cities. In fact, there are almost 19,281 job ads for Freshers. Although,  you may have to adjust with the acoomodation as that aspect is not very cheap in this city. For entertainment purposes, there are malls, parks, sight-seeing sites etc. Moreover, Mumbai is considered to be the safest city for women in India.

  • Bengaluru

Bengaluru is also known as the electronic city of India. It’s considered as Silicon Valley of India and also an IT hub for all the engineers out there. Around, 7 out of 10 engineering students  consider Bengaluru as their first job preference. It provides the best opportunities to arts, science, business and especially for IT. It’s one of the best places to start your career. A hub of entertainment as well and hence also considered as Garden city.

  • Delhi

The capital city is known for its infrastructure, transport, and most prestigious universities. Delhi is also a good place to start your job or career. Not only for IT firms, but also for Indian services (IAS, IPS, etc.), Fashion designing (NIFT), etc. The most famous university is the Delhi University or DU as the youth says.  Once you become a part of this city, it will groom you and make you an entirely different person!

  • Hyderabad

This city is famous for IT companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. One of the cheapest and best city for engineers. The students interested in learning foreign languages can come up here. It’s also a better place for learning regarding business. So all the future managers this place is just the right one for you! Hyderabad offers you a great atmosphere, people from different cultures, a different work environment and lots of opportunities!



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