5 best eyeliners that flatter your eyes


Black eyeliner has the power & its versatile nature that can’t be disputed. Beyond, black there are many shades that enhance your eye color. Some increase the eye shade intensity, some sparkle while few defines the shape of your peepers. All you need to just choose the right eyeliner for your eyes.

  • Brown eyesbr

Women with brown eyes are quite lucky enough! Brown eyes can carry any shade. It means like, you can play with colors over your beautiful eyes. A vibrant purple or a navy eyeliner goes perfectly with brown eyes. Some, also wish to have brown shade in brown eyes.

  • Blue eyesblue_eyes_eyes_girl_64005_1920x1200

Blue eyes with orange shade complements each other. They help your eyes to pop out. Moreover, lighten up with a champagne shade or use it in the inner corners which would create an illusion of a bigger set of peepers. A contrasting metallic copper in blue eyes really brightens your eyes upward.

  • Green eyesgree

Red is opposite green on the color wheel. The red undertones like plum or mauve will make your eyes stand out & give the notion of completely wearable. Green eyes with the purple accent is a couple made in heaven. It’s just like a dream combo!

  • Hazel eyes

hazeHazel eyes suit both in brown & green undertones. For radiant look, apply a metallic gold eyeliner around the inner part of the iris. A gold liner in the upper lid along with copper shade in the waterline gives a dazzling effect.

  • Gray eyessexy_grey_eyes

Emphasize the gray eyes with the vivid red-brown, burgundy liner, both in the waterline & lashes. Moreover, it also looks amazing with the pearly tint of a smoky liner. The combination will make your eyes pop out.


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