5 facts about Charles Macintosh!


Living in Scotland in the 18th century was very difficult. There are more rainy days than dry ones; it’s not possible to step outside without an umbrella. Charles Macintosh, the Scottish Chemist who invented waterproof fabric materials, then lead to modern raincoats in the long run.  Google Doodle is celebrating Charles Macintosh’s 250th birthday.

Here are some of the facts that you need to know about Charles

  • He was born in 1766 in Glasgow in Scotland0001

Charles Macintosh was born in 29th December 1766 in Glasgow. He was the son of George Macintosh and Mary Moore. However, the young Macintosh was employed originally as a clerk.

  • He started to become a chemist before the age of 20

Charles devoted all his time to science, particularly chemistry. Before he was twenty, resigned his clerical post and started focusing on manufacture of chemicals. However, he became highly successful in this. He experimented with various chemicals and found naphtha- a byproduct of tar which led him to the invention of waterproof fabrics. From naphtha, Indian rubber from trees was able to dissolve. The resulting paste found to repel water. The dissolved Indian rubber is sandwiched between the two pieces of cloth.

Macintosh famed invention:0002

  • The Mackintosh raincoat was named for him0003

The Mackintosh raincoat though spelled differently, but names as Macintosh. The iconic coats that were created by Macintosh are still handmade in Scotland.  Local tailors have nothing do with in 1840; they instead go to Macintosh for fabrics that were used to make raincoats. The k letter is failed to be explained.

  • He was married and had a son, George0004

Macintosh was married to the Daughter of Glasgow merchant, Mary Fisher in the year 1970. They had a son, namely George, who lived, between 1971 to 1848. George used to work in the company of Macintosh.

  • He died in 184334

Macintosh died in 25th July, 1843 and he was buried at the Glasgow Cathedral, Dunchattan, Scotland


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