5 facts you probably didn’t know about acne


In this skincare world, acne is one such topic that we can’t get rid of. Why? Because it’s the issue that the majority of people had to deal with at some point in their lives. And, moreover, the facts and myths about acne are endless. This problem is faced by women from every generation, whether it is teenage acne or adult acne.

Check out some of the facts regarding acne.

  1. Drinking water doesn’t create acne

Unfortunately, water is not the only magic ingredient that will make all your breakout woes to disappear. However, drinking ample amount of water can be helpful in promoting the flow of nutrients and vitamins to the body and removing toxins as well. This will also allow your skin for functioning better.

  1. Sugar and Dairy products are not proven causes

It is the controversial fact. While many of you will argue that the sugary products lead to breakouts, there is no concrete proof about the fact. However, it is safe to say that these two products are not doing anything to benefit your skin. Fill up your body with vitamin-packed foods like blueberries, almonds, spinach, etc. to feel your skin well.

  1. Sun Exposure can make Acne Worse

You might have heard the fact that a little time to sun exposure will help you to destroy those zits. Well, you heard it wrong. What you’re actually seeing is the sun darkening your skin and reducing the redness around the acne. But, actually, in reality, the UV rays will actually make the acne worse for those pores to breakout. The UV rays weaken the skin’s barrier and cause it to lose moisture. The ultimate solution to this Always wears that Sunscreen!

  1. Moisturizer is still a must wear when you have acne

Oily-skinned ladies tend to step out from wearing moisturizers on the skin, to fear that it will lead to breakout Catastrophe. However, if you don’t use moisturizer and then it gets exposed to the sun, it will react to because of lack of moisture and produce excess oil, which leads to more breakouts. Do a favor, pick up an oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

  1. Your Laundry can be the Acne Culprit

Yep, that’s right. Your LAUNDRY. The things you come in contact with your daily basis could be causing your skin to break out those pores. For example, the pillowcase you get closer every day and with your personal mug, every night can become a graveyard for the dead skin cells and bacteria. If not washed regularly, the yuckiness around the pillowcase will make its way to your face and will lead to acne. Make sure to wash your pillowcase once a week in hot water to ensure all the bacterias are killed and it’s far away from your pretty face. Towels are often left hanging on the hooks will also cause acne. YUCK! Make sure to use dirty clothes to prevent acne-filled face.


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