5 Lies That “ Friends ”, told about life in your twenties!

Soon after coming out of the high school, we start gathering lots of hopes and expectations about our college life. Some are pre-planned, some executed without planning, and some stay the way they were thought of without any step taken.
In between all these, most of us follow “Friends” but lately realize that all they said about life weren’t true and wouldn’t be as easy and comfortable as they portray on screen.
Here are some of their lies about life which we believed blind-folded in our twenties.

 You can count on getting a seat on the comfy couch at the coffee shop.24-friends-cover-story-1.w1024

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This cruel lie set us up for a lifetime of near-misses with coffee shop couches. The couch at Central Perk is always unoccupied and always has exactly enough room for all the friends to comfortably sit. In the real world, there’s only one reason a couch in a coffee shop stays open for long, and it usually has to do with some kind of bodily fluid or spillage.


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