5 Outfit Tricks to Fake Longer Legs


You all know that Black Outfit can help you look taller and slimmer, but the color itself is not the only secret. Wearing it right, from head-to-toe will make your legs look long and lean. Whether you were genetically blessed in gams department or not, most of us doesn’t mind creating illusions of even longer legs.

Check out these simple tricks to look your legs even longer.

  1. Wear a Nude Shoenude-pumps-forever-21-shoes_400

To give your feet much attention, opt for Nude Shoes that matches your skin color to create an illusion of longer legs. It creates an illusion of your legs keep going and going, instead of cutting your ankle when you move out in your shorts or skirts.

  1. Bring your Waistline upwaistline

A higher waist trick keeps you thinking that your legs start higher up than they usually do! Choose high waisted skirts, pants or shorts that hit just under your ribs and tuck your shirt to give the effect. It will create the illusion that your legs start at the highest point.

  1. Try one color from head to toeone color

The monochromatic look creates an uninterpreted visual line. Choose a solid color, like black from head to toe to look your legs much longer. Make sure, your ankle and tops of your feet are covered.

  1. Opt for pants with vertical stripsvertical pants

Vertical strips pants will move the eye from up and down, making your legs look instantly longer. Find a pair with big, bold stripes or rather opt for subtle pinstripes.

  1. Cover up with a short jacketWomens_slim_fit_Short_Jacket

Opt for a short jacket that would end just above your hips. Because the short jacket will make your torso look shorter and longer legs in comparison.

  1. Shorter is betterskirt

A short skirt can make your legs look longer too. If you’re comfortable in showing your skin, then go for a pair of Hemline with a high neckline to keep it modest. Save this trick when you’re out of office.




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