5 Time management hacks you should know


Time management is one of the hardest skills. It’s very important to manage your time in the most appropriate manner.  Mastering these time management hacks in the early 20s will set up your carrier for the rest of your life. If you have not developed them till now, don’t worry about that.

You can follow below Time Management hacks.

  • Create a Planner

Either go for a calendar app or a notebook. It will help to keep in touch with the appointments you have further. Keeping all appointments in the head is ineffective.

However, also maintain a to-do list, write down the important conservations, thoughts or ideas that you need to remember it later.

  • Plan your day

Once you get in the morning, sit down & think about the works you need to get done. As per your planner, sort out the rest things that left undone. Planning means a person is moving in an organized manner. It also makes your daily tasks simple.

  • Focus on a single task

Multitasking is the waste-less work. Instead, you will achieve more success if you do a single work at a time. Multitasking is a good skill but might not work always.

  • Avoid Interruptions

Try to keep few hours free for yourself except the office hours. In this way, your colleagues can discuss their queries with you. Likewise, While working, keep your phone in silent mode to avoid distractions. Just because you received a message & it’s not mandatory to reply it in that second.

  • Accomplish large projects dividing into smaller ones

Accomplishing large projects is one of the important hacks for time management. For Example- You are provided with a project & that needs to be completed within 6 months. That sounds impossible to you. So, first make a plan & then get advice from the ones those who have worked on similar projects.


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