These 5 Tricks Can Make Your Devices Look New


All of us use different types of gadgets every day which gets badly destroyed during daily use. In order to avoid them from becoming historical antics, we need to regularly clean them and these devices look new.

Here are some easy tricks that you can use to clean your devices with ease and minimum effort!

  1. Use a toothbrush to clean your Earphones

We generally opt for cleaning them with a toothpick, which takes a lot of time and there is a possibility of damage. To avoid this, use a toothbrush.Place a piece of paper or a towel on the table, hold the earphone with the grille facing downward, and carefully clean it with the toothbrush.

2. Use an ordinary eraser to clean the electrical cords

Voila! An Eraser? Yes, the ordinary eraser can work wonders. We usually go for fluid cleaners which contain harsh chemicals and spirits which make the wires sticky and end up getting them destroyed. To avoid any such problem, use and ordinary eraser to erase away all the accumulated dirt off your precious gadgets and make your devices look new.

3. A sticky tape and your keyboard is cleaned!

We always get worried while cleaning the desktops. The most difficult part seems to be the keyboard.All the dirt on your keyboard can be removed in an instant if you use sticky tape. Plus, it takes almost no effort at all.

4. Use Micro fibre cloths to clean your device screens

The device screens are the most taken-care-for parts of our devices. A single scratch and your heart skip a beat! To avoid any such problem, use a micro fibre to clean your device screens as the paper towels might scratch the surface.

5. Use a simple homemade brush to clean the USB ports on your computer

Stick the piece of synthetic material to the plastic. It should be slightly narrower than the width of a USB port. Any lumps of glue that build up when you’re making the cleaning brush should be smoothed out so that it’s not uneven in any way. Once the glue has dried, carefully clean all the USB ports and make your devices look new.


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