5 ways to lose weight without hitting the gym


In today’s world, you would be the gym going guy. Luckily, a combination of proper diet & exercise will enhance you to lose weight without hitting the gym. You all love the post-gym exercises as it boosts your swollen muscles & makes you feel energetic. But it’s hard when overdosed.  One day you decided  to skip your workout for a day & promising yourself to continue on the following day. Slowly, that one day excuse gets converted into some weeks & ultimately to a month. As a result, the ingrown of the extra muscles. To avoid such, here are some ways to lose weight without being a gym member.

  • Drink ample amount of water

Drinking water keeps your body hydrated & control the calorie content in the body. Not only it cures the unnecessary snacking, but also prevents you in weight loss. However, researchers say 16 glasses of water, cut your pounds.

  • Make a proper diet

Weight loss is based on a 75% diet & 25% exercise utilization. Focus on eating less & healthy.  You can’t do only exercise along with a bad diet. A healthy, protein-rich breakfast everyday morning helps to kick away your calories. One should consume 10 calories per pound of body weight for a healthy diet that keeps your metabolism up & retains your muscles.

  • Sound sleep

Late night watch of a TV show or early wake-up, leads to the lack of sleep & ultimately resulting in weight addition. Proper relaxation is very important for a person who is in the diet. Less sleep increases the stress hormones & increases your appetite. Sleep deprived people consumes an average of 250-300 calories per day.

  • Fidget

Fidgeting can burn more calories than by a regular workout. Even though you take rest, 350-400 calories get down per day.

  • Workout at home

In order to do the workout, you don’t have to join any gym instead, can move outside & have a foot race or do some easy body weights workout. People who managed to split their workout into little chunks  get extremely better results than the aces in the gym.



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