7 Indian Breakfast That Help you to lose weight


Eat Desi to lose weight:

It is a myth that by skipping your breakfast you can stay healthy and lose weight but this is a major myth which needs to be busted. In fact, one should Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. To remain fit and healthy one must have daily breakfast.

People often resort to diet options like oats and cornflakes to lose weight. While some afford it, it becomes a mere dream for others. So what can be done? You can actually stay fit and lose weight with these Indian breakfast options. So eat along and lose weight.


  1. Khichdi: A bowl full or Dal Khichdi or barley khichdi will do more good than your non-conventional oats and cornflakes. It is a filling food option and helps you to avoid those extra ounces of weight.
  2. Poha: Along with being lightweight, Poha is also good for eyesight and a great source of low calories.
  3. Daliya: Broken wheat is rich in fibrous content and it will definitely lead you to a healthier life. You can not only lose your extra flab but lead a healthier life also by eating it daily.
  4.  Dosa: Dosa is not only delicious but a wonderful and healthy way to start your morning. It will keep a tab on your weight and help you to stay healthy.
  5. Steamed Idlis: Who can resist the yummy and delicious steamed idlis being offered early in the morning? You can opt for Rava idli or ragi idli also for a healthier option.
  6. Egg Sandwiches: Brown bread accompanied with poached fried eggs and little salt make the best breakfast in the world.

Pro Tip: Wake-up early, hit the gym, eat fibrous food and stay fit. Never ever miss a single meal. Eat in small quantities in a smaller bowl. Have enough water a day and sleep for at least 6 hours a day.


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