Well, your kitchen skills need some sort of improvement. This is the reason below are the ideas to make your delicious and a reward of a genius.

Aww!! Want to know such? There you go with the list.

Store coriander leaves

coriander leaves

Take fresh coriander leaves and separate the leaves from the stems. Take a clean air-tight container and place two sheets of kitchen towel inside it.Then place the coriander leaves inside the jar. Take another sheet of kitchen tool and give a round shape to it as that of the lid. Fold the remaining portion of the kitchen towel and place above it. Make sure not to press it. Cover the lid and keep inside the refrigerator.

This can be stored fresh for 12-15 days. After a week, check the leaves & discard the rotten ones and again place back the lid in the refrigerator for further use.

Heart shaped boiled egg


Take an empty foil paper box and Cut the corners of it. Trim the edges of the box. Then place the egg horizontally in the middle of the cardboard of box. Put a chopstick or pen, put it in the top of the egg and hold it with elastic bands at both the ends. This will allow setting egg in a heart shape. Remove the chopstick after 10 minutes.

Freeze butter


Finding difficult to use freeze butter for cookie baking or in bread.well,don’t wait till the butter comes to room temperature just grate it and you can easily use in whichever way you like.

Juicier lemon

lemon squeezer

Instead of rubbing the lemon against the hard surface ,Microwave it just for 30seconds.Squeeze it as it softens the thick vessels of fruits.

Store bananas


Do your bananas turned black and decaying earlier??Wrap the bananas in a clean wrap to store for longer.it prevents from being over-ripe and Unsavory.

Fresh basils


When basil goes bad, trim the stems of it and place them in water just like flowers. Cover the whole with a plastic bag. This will keep basils fresh and green for a week or two long.

Reuse honey


Is your honey got more crystallized or turned out milky?? U need not require to buy another because honey can stay as such for long years .microwave for 30-60 seconds and use the money as before.








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