7 Rules for a radiant skin


Follow these 7 rules religiously for the perfect skin texture

Each and every girl in this world struggles a lot for a smooth and flawless skin. The pain and worries a girl takes for her skin can’t be imagined. But do you know girls that every day your smallest innocent act is damaging your skin greatly? If you want to protect your skin against all odds, you need to stop doing these acts altogether.



  1. Stop Taking Long Hot Water Showers: Hot water can make your skin dry and flaky. Instead of hot and steamy water start using lukewarm water. It will better suit your skin.


  1. Avoid Cotton Pillowcases: Though cotton pillowcases may feel smooth and comfortable, they are silently damaging your skin. It causes friction on your skin which leads to permanent creases on skin. It is more harmful than the silk and satin pillowcases.


  1. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before sleep: I repeat never ever forget to remove your makeup before sleep. It leads to acne formation and also clogs on skin pores and traps oil secreted from the oil glands.


  1. Avoid using the wrong product on your skin type: Ascertain what your skin type is. Determine whether it is oily, dry or sensitive. Based on that start using skincare products.


  1. Stop using beauty care products in improper order: Many girls are confused regarding the proper order for the application of skin care products. The correct order, however, is toner followed by a serum and then a cream.


  1. Stop believing that expensive cosmetics is the best: Many times the things which are available at reasonable rates are also better than the exorbitantly priced cosmetic goods.


  1. Don’t leave everything to the skin care products: You yourself have to take pains to maintain the perfect and radiant skin. Relying only on skin care products will do you no good.



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