7 things your body do are actually defense mechanisms


In this busy world, we have never paid attention to the ones which we almost do regularly. There are thousands of things you never know!!

Below mentioned some are actions performed by our body.


yawnWe not only yawn when we are tired but also due to lack of breathing. Yawning helps to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. It allows the brain to cool down when overburdened with work.



When you come across allergic things, dust, plucking eyebrows, etc. we sneeze. The dust present in the nasal cavity gets cleared out when sneezed.



When we wake up from our sleep, we stretch our body to feel flexible and relax. It maintains blood flow and prepares the body for physical work.



All of you are aware of the noisy sounds-hiccups. Swallowing of food faster, chewing in large amounts, etc. leads to hiccups. These are usually short-lived. Breathing into a paper bag, drinking water without breathing will reduce the level of hiccups.

Wrinkling of skin


This occurs due to high moisture content in our body. It effects on the skin of the aged persons. Oil present in the skin decreases once aging starts.

It should be prevented by applying different kinds of sunscreen lotions and moisturizers and stop smoking.



It mainly occurs in winter seasons. When frightened,shocked or anxious goosebumps pop out.Humans don’t have enough hair otherwise it would have acted as an insulating effect.

When a human gives some sudden reaction, the muscles present underneath the hair follicles contracts.



This may sound pathetic, but it’s obvious that tears are best tools in one’s body. Crying releases feelings. When we are highly depressed, tears burst out down the cheek. Tears are considered to be an instrument of “emotional defense.” It reduces the level of stress which helps us to fill little relaxed.

Actually, eyes are the treasures of the body. Make sure to give proper rest to it takes lot of efforts to protect our those stuff!!




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