A 7-year-old Student Died in A Noida School And No one Knows Why and How?


Gazhal Yadav, a 7-year-old-girl died mysteriously during her Karate sessions in her school. The small girl studied in the second standard and died after head injuries.

A school teacher, informed her father, Lal Chand Yadav that his child is having a headache and so, she is needed to be taken home.

‘But, after a half-a-hour, there was a call from school informing that Gazhal was bleeding from her nose and she was admitted to the hospital’, says Lal Chand Yadav. 

Lal Chand rushed to the hospital and found that his daughter was profusely bleeding from her nose and mouth. His daughter was admitted to ICU and was bleeding continuously.

After a few minutes, doctors said that his daughter had passed away.

Kailash Hospital’s spokesperson says

‘Gazhal was having head injuries. She was admitted to the hospital and we tried our level best to save her. She had suffered from blood loss and died because of injuries.’0053512a-c0be-4723-9868-2dca5f07af14

Gazhal’s family refused for any post mortem reports. The school also declared a holiday to tribute on the passed child.

Here, is what the child’s father says when asked if he had contacted school authorities.Untitled

After the school reopened, Jyoti Arora, the principal informed that there was a karate competition on 31st January, in which 56 students had participated. Out of which, 16 were felicitated for their best performances and Gazhal was one of them.february-received-receiving-details-january-school-principal_424e0a68-e971-11e6-a2d8-09470c086dd7-1

Here is what the principal says.

‘Gazhal was rewarded a trophy by me. In the competition, there was nothing to do with boxing and kicking, only they need to show their basic skills. Soon, after the competition, she informed about her severe headache. As the things went unbearable and out of control, we rushed the child to the hospital’.

However, the parents blamed the school and the hospital for not able to submit any medical aid regarding their’s daughter’s death.

Following her death, ‘RIP Gazhal’, a Facebook page has been made where people pour their tributes and condolence.16427583_214833898989432_4402462575369694025_n

RIP, Gazhal!


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