70 Years of Independence Yet 40 Years Behind.


India has been gearing up to celebrate its 70th Independence day on Monday this year.  The government plans to organize events connected with the freedom struggle across 100 places to create enthusiasm and “infuse patriotism” among the youth.


All these preparations, celebrations are well and good. But we need to analyze how far has India come after becoming Independent. Today we will show you how this 70 Year old Independent Country is Hardly 30 Years Old.

China, a developed country got it’s independence 2 years after we got i.e. In 1949

 Ironically, it is more than 40 years ahead of us. Research on the econimic data shows we are actually 40 years behind on what we should be on these 70 years. Let us show you how

Boy sitting on rock ledge above refugee camp.
Boy sitting on rock ledge above refugee camp.
  1. The Excuses: Large Population


On one hand, where Our politician  blame the population of our country as a barrier to growth. On the other hand, china has slapped india with being one of the super powers with the “highest population” in the world.

When we were blaming population, china was effectively addressing population explosion by introducing one child norms and taking situation under control.


  1. Excuse No 2: Infrastructure


Why is therw so much difference in two country’s Infrastructure when there is hardly any difference in the years of Independence.?

Why after 25 years of opening up of the economy, India Has Not been able to cope up with the Infrastructure of Country Like China?.

This is because we prioritize winning elections over catering to people’s needs; Subsidies precede the need of a good and sound infrastructure. If this wasn’t the case , The projecf Of Delhi Metro would have started years before the city started flooding with cars.


  1. Excuse Number 3: Labour Issues


Labour and unskilled manpower was never an issue. The issue was the people who were running the country. China faced a similiar problem of labour management as we did. However, they chose to work on it whereas we chose to talk about it. Policies such as Skill Developmentfor youth etc, that have been implemented now, could have been done 60 years ago.


  1. Excuse No 4: Corruption


Scams in India are bigger than the national annual budget of several countries. Humans are greedy for money, who isn’t but we lack prioritization skills!  We still do. China is among the most Corrupt Economy’s Of the World yet The most Developed. This explains it all. For them necessity supercedes corruption. They know how to create a balance. We don’t have balanced roads, forget about economic balance.


We have always had excuses while they had the results. Not only our infrastructure is poor so is our human resource skills. And why not, when politicians who have crossed retirement age years ago are made to run the country, the current outcome is expected. Policies that the Modi goverment have introduced might improve the current scenario but the fact is that they are 65 Years old already. We just din’t knew.


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