6 Times Dhoni was so down, which made us forget that he was a celebrity


We all heard about cocky celebrities once in a while, it’s now about the former Indian Captain MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni, the skipper who won two world cups for India. He revolutionized the attitude of men present in blue. #Meninblue.

Needless to say, Fame is such a thing that can immediately get into one’s head and change that person forever. Dhoni had enough name and fame, not to worry about anything in the world. But, the man chooses to use his fame with love and kindness.

Here are some of the instances that prove Dhoni is the actual human. Take a look!

He preferred a train riding with all his teammates rather than a luxurious plane ride3d2673ad-ab99-40d7-b46f-05e913dabfb0

After being hanged from the captain of Indian team, he was appointed as Jharkhand’s captain for the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Instead of air traveling, he preferred to go by train along with his teammates to Jharkhand. That picture in the social media went like an aww.

The time he agreed to take a selfie with the girl following his hummerDhoni

A Ranchi girl chased Dhoni’s hummer, just to take a selfie with him. She finally managed to yell and our former Indian Captain MS Dhoni posted a cool pic with his fan.

Never seen holding the trophy after winning a tournament

He makes India win the match and let his teammates occupy the center of the stage. Have you ever noticed Dhoni in group photos after winning a tournament?

Whether it’s the T20 World Cup or in World Cup 2011.35c1c309-c014-412d-a3c6-4c887957bd58 a2d4c7be-cc5f-496c-9593-8523f929012d

Not even in Asia Cup too.ee3f0fa4-fc0a-487f-8df4-79250afbcf40

Gets his haircut from the same barber rather than from an expensive hair stylistf570f908-3676-48b5-ad04-18b1d7e400bc

Most of us can give a shit to old habits if you have loads of money. But, our captain was none of them. Instead, the coolest captain loves to have that low-pay haircut in his home from the same barber.

He helps his injured opponent before the support staff would approachbfaefde6-c39b-423b-9b19-e21f60942f4e

A South African player, Faf DuPlesis was playing at her best making a century for his country. But, soon after a huge six, he lost his balance and fall on the ground. At that moment, Dhoni threw his gloves and helped him.

Taking his own tea stall owner for dinnerf6c01150-ffc6-418a-bf7c-895116dafb91

When Dhoni was working as TT, he used to visit a tea stall owned by a man named Thomas. Recently, when MSD was in Kolkata, Thomas decided to meet him. Not only MSD recognized him, but also he took Thomas for a fancy dinner.

Thomas named his tea stall as “Dhoni Tea Stall”.

That’s really mesmerizing!






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