Karan Johar, dad of twins through surrogacy!


Bollywood director Karan Johar is said to have become a dad of twins- a boy and a girl, through surrogacy.

The director-cum-producer wasn’t in the city to confirm the news, but civic officials said the births were registered in its public health department on Friday.

The Health Executive officer, Dr. Padmaja Keshar said that the birth registration of the twins has been done. The twins were born at Masrani Hospital in Andheri (West) on February 7. However, Karan Johar had yet not confirmed the names of his children. The BMC officials confirmed that the twins’ records have been registered as ‘baby boy’ and ‘baby girl’. Even, Karan’s close friend Abram was too born in the same hospital to a surrogate mother.

Civic officials said that the birth registrations of the twins’ details were listed Johar as the children’s father, but the mother was yet to be confirmed.

However, the center prepared guidelines for the surrogacy of the infertility segment. The draft bills ban for commercial surrogacy, providing payment to women for surrogacy. This bans surrogacy for singles, foreigners as well as persons of India origin.

In his recently published autobiography “The Unsuitable Boy”, he mentioned about his desire to adopt a child or have a surrogate child.

The director wrote in his book:

I don’t know what I’m going to do about it but I feel like I would like to be a parent. Exactly, I don’t know how it’s going to happen but I do feel the need because I have plenty of love to offer and I’d like to take it forward. Needless to say, but this feeling needs a release and requires a platform. And that platform could be by being a parent.

In 2016, actor Tusshar Kapoor had announced the birth of his son, Laksshya through surrogacy and in-vitro fertilization.





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