Koffee with Karan 5: Kapil Sharma on the couch!


Koffee with Karan Season 5 is set to end and in the second last episode, the couch was graced by famous comedian Kapil Sharma.

Kapil Sharma, popular host of “The Kapil Sharma Show”, the most fun-loving guy in the entertainment industry. People were excited when they learned that Kapil will be coming to Karan’s show. The duo chemistry and comic timing are just superb as they earlier won many hearts.

The comedian unapologetically frank about his English, middle-class upbringing and much more.

From his well-known crush Deepika Padukone to little known Shahrukh Khan gate-crashing party. He talked about everything. Here are some of the best moments.

Kapil’s comedy in genes

When Kapil was asked about his good sense of humor, he replied, Yeh, sab mere mummy papa se. Meri mummy ko Nahi par woh bahut funny hain.

When Kapil gate-crashed Shahrukh party

During the conversation, Kapil accidentally revealed about his gate-crashing in SRK’s party. “It was during Diwale’s celebrations and we weren’t dressed for the occasion”, said Kapil.

Kapil’s English, RIP

Kapil flaunted his familiarity with the English language in less than 30 seconds and unapologetically asked Karan to switch to Hindi.

When Karan asked, the biggest word you know in English? He replied, “Apologies”. “Sometimes I really wonder why it’s launched when ‘sorry’ word already existed!”

The twitter tip

Kapil shared for his fans, “don’t drink and drive and don’t drink and tweet”. When Karan hinted Kapil about his ‘midnight tweets’ once, in which he had questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi about ‘acche din’ and later apologized for the same.

A license to be on twitter

“I feel very dangerous. Mr. Modi should introduce a situation when the user login to Twitter, it should be done with a legitimate license. Koi Bhi mu utha ke chale aata hai

Talks about sex

When Karan asked, “What you do for sex?” Kapil felt a little awkward and replies, “Is it Koffee with Karan or Something else with Karan?”




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