A Scotland resident went Without Food for 382 days for Weight loss!


Ever had a massive luncheon and decided ‘not to have’ anything for the next week? Actually, I had. But, we can resist when those mouth-watering dishes come our way. And starvation would eventually kill us. Well, one man proved the resistance power and actually, it’s possible for certain body types to stay off from food for long periods.

Angus Barbieri from Scotland was suffering from obesity. And as a part of his recovery from obesity, he went starving for 382 days without food.

At the time of admission, he was weighing 207 Kg. Barbieri was put on a short fast to reduce weight. He lived with water, tea, coffee, and soda; as thirst would kill the human body faster. Along with water, he also used vitamin supplements recommended by doctors. But, those few days converted into weeks and weeks to months and the man was stuck to his schedule until he gets his ideal weight.

Angus Barbieri continued his diet from home and he used to visit doctors for regular checkups and sometimes stays overnight under observation. Moreover, he also used to get periodic blood tests. Despite being very hypoglycemic, he sincerely completed his fast throughout the 382 days.55531691-c2e6-4ca1-aec3-0709349e8717

On the end of his inspiring journey, he weighed 82 Kg; dated on 11th July 1966. However, Angus managed to keep it off for the long term. It was an unbelievable transformation for the doctors. Five years later, in 1971; weighed 89 Kg.

Angus Barbieri remained as one of the unbelievable examples in the field of weight loss through starvation. On a prolonged starvation on diet with water and vitamins; his obesity treatment turned out an effective one!

Finally, after recovering from his incredible and unbelievable fast, he continued his life and raised his two sons. Sadly, Angus died in September 1990.

From here, you can only admire of how capable a human body is. And especially the case of Angus Barbieri, the human mind.


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