Assembly Elections: BJP won; SP and BSP lost the votes of Dalits!


The grand success of the BJP 2017assembly elections in UP was attributed by Amit Shah. He successfully mobilized non-Yadav OBCs, non-Jatav SCs, scattered MBCs and their respective caste parties for successfully associating them. This, in turn, created a grand alliance of castes. Another additional factor behind the BJP’s success was the polarization in favor.

The BJP made efforts to bring within its court almost 40 numerically small MBCs Gaur, Luhar, Kumahar, Bind, Mallah, Pal, Rajbhar, Chauhan etc. on a large scale. No doubt, they were numerically small but will turn out to be a huge bank when united. Amit Shah attended their caste meetings and BJP gave them these caste leaders’ roles during the campaigning in its organization. The party made an alliance with the Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party under Om Prakash leadership, in order to polarize such castes in favor of BJPs. Moreover, he was also organized in a function in the memory of the caste of leader Suheldev.

However, other political parties left no stone unturned to convince the Dalits and other most backward castes. The BSP’s under Mayawati’s leadership spoke about keeping the Dalits vote bank intact; while the BJP and SP-congress alliance tried to associate the non-Jatav Dalits by giving them free passes (party tickets) and important posts in an organization.

Mayawati provided the party tickets to almost 87 candidates and was trying to associate with other non-Jatav Dalits such as Pasis, Khatiks, Dhobis, etc. along with an addition to Jatavs. The BSP has no doubt about the Dalits voted, but there could be various reasons behind losing.

The first reason of BSP for losing was that the party usually failed to fulfill the requirements of Jatav middle-class many times. Secondly, there was an aggression because of the involvement of non-Dalits along with the smaller Dalits ones! For this reason, the smaller Dalits made their move towards others political leaders.

There were reasons which didn’t work for Mayawati such as Dalit-Muslim alliance. Muslims didn’t support BSP because they didn’t believe the party’s promises. Even rural Muslims too didn’t connect with the BSP.



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