Holi 2017: Here is how Google Doodle Celebrates Holi


Happy Holi guys! Even Google has jumped to celebrate this festival of colors. Google Doodle takes the fresh take to honor the festival. Holi, a traditional festival of colors and Google has captured the essence of the festival using its animated doodle.

While many Indians were smashing colors on each other, Google has created the essence of Holi with this animated doodle. It contains colors like, purple, green, blue, red and yellow over the letters and they were moving to the next person.

Google has successfully passed a message, ‘Amid of colors like, purple, green, blue, red and yellow; festival goers can often be found laughing, singing and dancing in the streets.’

Today, India is all set to celebrate the festival of Colors, Holi is ‘Rango ka trohar’ has always been associated with colors, family gatherings, lots of foods, and games.

The festival of Holi and the rituals surrounding varies from state to state. In Vrindavan and Mathura, Holi is celebrated with great pomp and joy in every temple housing the idols of Radha and Krishna. However, In Bengal, Holi is celebrated as Dol yatra where idols of Krishna and Radha and they are placed on the swing. And, Orrisa too indulges in the festival in the same way except it places Jagannath in the swing.

Holi may have different name with a different style being celebrated . But, at the end; it’s only the essence of colors.

Holi is a day of victory and happiness over the grief. Let this Holi bring happiness in all of your life. Wish you a healthy and carefree Holi.

Bura na mano, Holi Hai!



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