PM Modi to discuss on social issues with students during World’s largest Hackathon


Can a software solution keep track?

Can a software solution help monitor the condition of railway tracks and generate automatic warnings to prevent train derailments?

Nearly, there are such 600 social issues for which the government is hoping to bring out the solutions. Those social issues will be raised for 36 long hours, World’s largest Hackathon of 10,000 which is to be addressed by PM Modi.

The World’s largest Smart Hackathon is set to begin at 8 am on Saturday at 23 different locations and will end at 8 pm on Sunday. PM Modi will address the students through video conferencing at around 10 pm on Saturday.

“Each location will be handled by different Ministry as the selected groups will continuously sit for 36 hours long and complete digital solutions would be provided”, said a Senior Official.

PM Modi will take out some time from his rigorous fasting and hectic life to address the 10,000 students young tech brains. Narendra Modi will mostly talk right about issues related to diplomacy, technology, and infrastructure.

The motive of the Hackathon is mainly for promoting innovation and to think ‘out-of-box’, especially for the engineering students. The event is focused on 598 problems of social importance. There are all total 1,266 teams selected for 10,000 participants from 28 different states were enlisted to come up with digital solutions for identifying the problems during Hackathon.

Nearly 2,100 mentors are appointed to guide the students who will participate in the online training courses.

“A software solution which will keep track of the condition and of the allied infrastructure that generates auto warning messages about the need of urgent maintenance which can help in preventing from unexpected incidents.”

The best solutions will be awarded Rs 1 Lakh, Rs 75,000 and Rs 50,000 for the top three teams. Moreover, this awarded software will be used by different ministers for their department to improve their governance systems. If necessary, it will be updated accordingly.






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