Some Hilarious photos of Everyone Who Has been on DIET!



Who are we kidding?

Dieting is not meant for faint-hearted. Not only, it requires a diet plan, but also requires dedication, the power to resist for not gobbling up a bright cupcake when everyone will be having around you.

And, also the strength to eat healthily!

But, when summer home calling and you try to fit into your beautiful floral dress, you suddenly realize that you went a little overboard with the concept of overeaten throughout the winters. Not only, it increased a few calories but also decreases the will to do something or the other.

And, one fine day you start going for it and this is how you feel the entire trying process.

Maybe I can trick my body with some healthy fluids, Instead!

Damn! The poem we recite damn every single day!

No issues! Tomorrow will come again!

The bitter, tasteless and hard truth!

Now, that’s the healthy combination. Isn’t it?

Is that me? Who’s on diet?Nops!F**ked up in the third day itself!

You just have fate and learn to live life.

That’s 14 hours of eating healthy. That counts as legit dieting!

Aww.. I too deserve one more burger! After all, I’m also a human too. Just One More!

Anyways, why it takes so much time?

Well, I can only resist for 10 minutes. Next, this is what that’s gonna happen!

Huh! It’s time to quit guys, Diet. We’re not meant for each other!

Who the f**k invented this dieting?


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