What Was The Last Thing You Said To Someone Before They Died?


My last messages to my brother Adit:

(me: did you leave?
he: I am at Rudra Gate. About to leave.
me: are you alone?
he: no,
Anubhav and elisha are with me.
me: tell them both I wished them all the best for the journey.
And get me a small stone from there.
he: ok
me: some random emoji.
he: laughed, alright.)

This was the last message I sent to my best friend(more like a brother for me) on 12th December 2016,morning. He was going for a trip organised by the college to Kerala.

He asked me to come till college gate to drop him but I was sleeping, so I messaged him instead.

And on 16th December 2016, I got the news of his death.

3 St Stephen’s students drown in Kerala river – Times of India

I was in constant touch with him through his facebook posts and Instagram posts, was commenting on them.

Hours before his death he posted pictures of the river where he drowned.

In college there are thousands corners where we laughed together till today whenever I pass by those corners I laugh a little. He gave me love of a brother which I never got from my own brothers.

His sister visited me few days back in the month of march, she told me she has to give me something. When I met her she placed a stone in my hand, told me this was in the pocket of shorts which Aditya was wearing when he drowned..

He got me the stone I asked for but he didn’t come back. He was a university (delhi university) topper and made his parents proud even after his death. In addition to this, secured highest marks in the university in his 5th semester too whose result were announced after his death in January.

Anubhav was his best friend, everyone in the college knew them by Anubhav-Aditya.
their name was always taken together. Aditya drowned trying to save Anubhav. They both left us together.

On the night of 11th December 2016, I sat with Aditya for 2 hours after dinner and discussed how our black robes will not fit us both on our graduation day.

I graduated fews weeks ago without him.

these were the messages I sent to Anubhav on 13th of december, 2016

Anubhav: go to home and enjoy.
me are you not with Aditya? thanks.
Anu: He is in the AC coach. He is big (rich) man. I am in the sleeper coach.
me: oh. but you can go to his seat.
Anu: but TT can come anytime for checking.
me: oh
Anu: after a wile I’ll go to Ac coach to meet them,
me: them?)
(me: who all are there? I heard that everyone is going by theie own, what is the fun of the trip then?
Anubhav: no, everyone is in the same train.
me: so are you alone in the sleeper coach?
Anubhav: I am with Afnan.
me : ok)

These were my last messages to Anubhav.
I lost two of my best friends that day. Till date that was the worst day of my life.

I wish wherever they both are, they are at peace.

(^ starting from top : Anubhav, Elisha, Aditya, Me)

PS: Aditya loved writing poems, one of the poems he wrote:

Read the last 3 lines of his poem.

PPS: Two more people died that day saving Aditya and Anubhav. One of them was a Junior of mine (Kennet Jose) and the other one was father of a collegemate (he was the owner of the resort where this incident happened).

EDIT(translation of last para of the poem provided by @Yura Moolan):

I am far struggling as i look across , Then also she is still pure and unsettling .

I am just soaked n’ soaked as i pass away, death is the only fate as i embrace her.

come forth waves, take me with you, just now this is the only desire i have

yes there was someone just like her, yes there was someone just like her.

Edit 2: St. Stephen’s streetplay team “ADIBHAV” has been named after both of them.



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