How do I tell my husband that he is no longer good enough for me?

When the husband and wife can deliver their thoughts and feelings, it helps each one of them to understand and know one another. Here is the story of married couples.
You sound very self-absorbed, and superficial to me. Why did you marry your husband in the first place? What forms your belief that you deserve better?
Marriage isn’t about having stuff, & just accumulating wealth, you sound like you need to develop some personality, that sees people for who they are & what their positive characteristics bring to the relationship & your life together.
I feel a bit sorry for you, as you sound incredibly immature & you need to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around spoiling you. You need to step up and maybe give your husband something to care about; he then may make more effort.
Personally, it sounds like you got married way to young & your expectations are distorted & dysfunctional. Going after someone else with this type of attitude to life & the world will ensure you end up with a constant change of relationship because you don’t hear from what I can see understand the reasoning behind relationships, other that getting what you want.
So that you look good & ultimately the man looks good, this only gets you so far, you will again find yourself in the same situation as you know, as soon as the relationship requires commitment & honesty from you, you will start looking elsewhere.
So please think about this, work out what you want from life leaving the ignorant mundane keeping up with all the other rich people in the world, cos this is a game you can play forever. Having said that if you want to be happy, you need to look at the qualities in a person, & what they bring to your life, but importantly what you contribute to the relationship.
Knowing someone has your back & will always be there no matter what, will love you with all their heart, & loves you no matter what you look like in the morning, this is love, not lust, there is a difference. This is worth far more than any mansion or pile of money you think in your mind you deserve.
Please think carefully about what is going on here, as your playing a distorted game where no one wins.


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