What is the most embarrassing thing you did while asleep?


We asked people that what is the most embarrassing thing you did while asleep? Here is one such answer on that question.

Try nude sleepwalking in Manhattan.


I found myself outside my New York apartment in the nude with my door locked and no keys. It was a humid NY summer evening, and I hadn’t realized that I was sleep walking until I tried to slip myself under the door and the prickly hall rug caused me to wake up.

Of course, being nude, there was no way I had any keys, but all my windows were opened, and I thought that I might be able to swing myself from the roof in through one of the windows. So, I climbed the ladder to the ceiling of my top floor brownstone apartment. Fortunately, no one saw me running back and forth across the roof trying to figure out how to get to one of my window ledges.

Quickly I concluded that I probably wouldn’t survive the 100-foot drop if my jump to the ledge missed.

Back down the ladder and, as we all would do, I checked the door again. Still locked. I had a spare key with my cleaning lady next door, but I couldn’t bother her at 4 am. So, I decided to try the other owners in my co-op.

No one came to the first three apartment doors I knocked on, but someone did at least come to the keyhole of the ground floor apartment. However, he was only looking for the flat for his friend, and once he looked through the keyhole and saw my “condition,” he refused to open the door. He seemed to be more frightened than I was and wouldn’t even lend me some jeans, a towel or anything.

With my luck running out, I searched the utility cupboard for anything to cover my “Au natural “ state. I knew if I could find something, I could get to a friend’s only one block away and then get some clothes for the morning. Searching through the cupboard all I could find were the vacuum cleaner plug-in hoses and some garbage can lids.

So, I used the garbage can lids to gingerly run down West 70th Street in Manhattan to my friend’s apartment. Fortunately, at 4 am, New Yorkers thought I was just part of the usually crazy city landscape and I made it to my friend’s without having to drop my lids.

She was surprised but awarded my efforts with a couch and a lovely lady’s robe that I could wear back to my apartment and get my keys in the morning.

I now always stash a few keys outside my house and always trying to wear pajamas when sleeping. I have only had a few more incidents – but these will be for another Quora piece some time in the future!


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