What’s the most disturbing website you’ve ever seen?


Here is the story on most disturbing website two girls have ever seen. Read their story till the end.

Warning: This is pretty gross, and I don’t recommend if you can’t read about gore and such.

My friend Mikayla and I had been reading about the deep/dark web for ages. Probably about two years, and finally about a month ago we got around to exploring it.

She comes over, and I download Tor browser (along with a good VPN to stay safe). There are plenty of places on the regular internet that provide links for Tor. We start with just marketplace sites, full with lots of drugs and weapons and such. We got bored of those quickly and found an unnamed link that we copied into Tor. When it brought us to the link, there was one blue illuminated word: “hardcore.” Being the ridiculous 15-year-olds we are, we rapidly click on it.


We scrolled down the page and came to a link that was something along the lines of fireplace dissection (I forget the exact name). We decide on that one and press on it.
What we saw was repulsive.

It was about 15 or so picture frames that seemed to be taken from a video, and they were all lined up chronologically. The first one, naked women over a presumably dead man in front of a fireplace. They were laid out on clean aluminum foil. The pictures went on as she cut open various parts of his body and removed extremities.

I won’t describe it in too much detail. After detaching the head, she poses with it in many positions.
The whole thing was gross, but one of the worst parts was the blood and pieces of body smeared all over the foil after the ordeal.

Good thing neither of us has weak stomachs.


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