What small thing can tell you a lot about a personality of a person?


Personality profiling has its flaws, but can be used for the right purpose.

Observing behaviors is one of the greatest indicators to understanding a person’s style or tendency. You might want to key on the word tendency though. Although it might be a personality or behavior style, it does not lock them in as always operating within that style.

Enough of the precautions for now…

When I want to profile someone for selling or building a connection, I watch a few visible indicators.

1. Listen to their voice. Ask questions. Get the other person to talk about something they believe in or are passionate about. It should only take a few issues to discover a passion. Once they begin to express words of absolutes, you have found their passion. Listen to their tone. Is it fast, slow, or consistent? Do they talk in story form or a listicle manner? Do they fluctuate their voice? All of these are indicators to behavioral styles.
2. Watch their gestures. Some cultures vary in meaning to their gestures. Do they speak with their hands? Are their hands more open or closed when talking? Do they cross their arms or put their hands in pockets? Do they put one hand in their pocket? Do they cover their mouth when they talk? Do they lean in when they speak or lean back?
3. Follow their eyes. People use their eyes to communicate. Some look down more often while others keep eye contact the whole time. Some people will constantly be wondering with their eyes. You have a style as well but step out of your style to be observant of their tendencies of communicating with their eyes. You don’t have to look deep in their eyes, but just be observant.
4. Recognize their feet/leg positioning. People will tend to have a few different standing styles that indicate behavior style. Are they standing wide based? Do they cross one leg over the other? Do they keep resetting their feet? Do their legs seem to shack constantly? Are they straight, very postured?
So now, what do these things tell you about a person?


Here are the four typical behavioral styles you will be able to recognize:

1. Dominant/Task-Oriented/Faster-Paced. A person that speaks loud with a lot of accomplishment in their voice is more dominant and driving in nature. They are the people standing wide based with one hand in the pocket. They may tend to lean more in conversations as well. These people like challenges and obstacles so they can compete and win. They will take over a situation or conversation if you give them a chance. They don’t get lost in the stories that ramble on though. They want to see the big picture, the big meaning to everything. If you gamble with them, they will lose interest or might even just walk away. They can be very direct.
2. Influential/People-Oriented/Faster-Paced. A person who uses both hands with their hands wide open and using their entire bubble to explain a story are social people. They will speak fast and like rabbit trails. They tend to be a bit more emotional (not necessarily in a bad way) in their conversations. They will lean in when they talk as well. The eye contact might be a bit scattered and almost as though they seem to be looking for people while still talking to you. It is not always the easiest to keep their attention unless you get them talking about themselves or how amazing they are. You can engage these people if you throw out raving reviews about them.
3. Supportive/People-Oriented/Slower-Paced. An individual who puts both hands in their pockets and leans back while talking is a bit more favorable. They will talk about secure things in life like friends and family. They may even talk about the lack of security as well. While they love people, they want the security of individuals. They would have no problem staying in the background and support “those louder” people. They are very consistent naturally and a slower-paced. They may not have a ton of friends, but have some deeply connected friends, life-long friends. They do not like change for change sake. They would rather things keep operating like they always have unless it is wrong or dangerous.
4. Compliance/Task-Oriented/Slower-Paced. A person who crosses their arms or even brings their hands up to the face as they talk are more analytical. They will speak at a slower pace as well with a lot more facts. They tend to talk to their legs formally planted on the flow. They won’t wonder with their eyes as much either. These type of people could be a bit more of a devil’s advocate. They like to look at all different points or facts. They do not like when things are misstated or inaccurate. They might not say anything either if they don’t know for sure it is accurate. They like systems and order. Whether this is in politics, business, or society, they will look at the procedures in life.


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