What is something people never use correctly?


Here are some things which people never use correctly.

Word processors. Standard but counterproductive practices include:

Inserting two paragraph breaks between paragraphs, instead of a single properly-sized break. (You should only hit Return once after each paragraph. If that doesn’t give you enough spacing, you need to adjust the paragraph style’s spacing settings, not add more breaks.)
Boldfacing and resizing section headings one-at-a-time instead of using a heading style.
Formatting paragraphs one-at-a-time instead of modifying the Paragraph/Body Text style.
Inserting a bunch of paragraph or line breaks instead of a page break (typically Ctrl-Enter in a word processor).
Adding double line breaks instead of double-spacing. (You should almost never hit Return within a paragraph.)
Using a bunch of spaces to indent or position text on the page, rather than tabs or text alignment (thanks, Barry Trish)
Inserting breaks instead of using the “Keep with next” option. Heading styles default to do this, so you don’t end up with a heading at the bottom of a page and the following paragraph on the next. Another reason to use Styles instead of the bold-and-resize method.
More information about the oft-ignored Styles functionality: http://wikis.evergreen.edu/compu…

Styles are a basic way to separate presentation and content and make writing and editing text much more efficient for everyone involved.

Time: I don’t think that you want to be to speak out some eg. in which time is never use correctly.

  • Saying yes to everything at work because you don’t know any better – A complete waste of time.
  • Asking everyone’s opinion about something you have already decided you are going to do. – Again Time is wasted.

“The trouble is you think you have Time”



Indicators are not difficult to use nor locate yet so many drivers that I cross paths with on a daily basis have trouble using them. If you have the ability to drive a car, it can only be assumed that you have been taught what an indicator is.

Sharing the road with many other motorists can be quite overwhelming when no one uses their indicator. While you may think that your lack of indication does not make a difference to the days of anyone else you are entirely wrong.

If you are changing lanes; indicate.
If you are turning right; indicate.
If you are turning left; note.
If you are performing any action with your vehicle that will result in your changing your current path or direction; note.

Also, don’t forget to turn your indicator off. It doesn’t always turn itself off for you, and it takes approximately 0.05 of a second to glance down and check.

If you follow these simple yet highly effective steps, you will have a much more enjoyable driving experience.


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