8 Surprising Elements to Soothe and Heal Burn


When your body comes in contact with something hot, the first comes to your mind to put on something that will soothe you and prevent you from being damaged.  These below remedies are right from your kitchen that can work into your treatment to provide quick relief.

  1. Never use ice on the burnthree-ice-cubes

Using ice on the burnt surface, restrict the blood flow. Instead, bring your burnt surface under the cool running water and keep it under for at least 20-30 minutes. However, Aloe vera too can work wonders. It helps to stop pain, reduce swelling and stimulate the skin growth and repair.

  1. Mint toothpaste3377575-toothpaste-with-mint-on-a-white-background

For when you accidentally touch something without potholder, keeping mint toothpaste handy will do the work for you. First, run the affected area under the cold water, then pat it with a wet towel and after then, apply some toothpaste on it.

  1. Vanillavanilla

For minor injuries, reach Vanilla extract. Use cotton and gently tap it in the burnt area. The evaporation of alcohol will give you the cooling effect.

  1. Tea bagstea-bags

Cool tea-bags will help you to reduce the pain, as it contains tannic acid. Place two or three cool, wet tea bags on the burn.

  1. Honeyhoney-clip-art-royalty-free-honey-clipart-illustration-1125208

Honey is the natural anti-biotic, which helps to prevent the burn from being affected. It has a natural PH level that kills the existing bacteria or infection lingering on the skin. Ultimately, helps you to heal the skin.

  1. Milkmilk-bottle_1020-433

Soak the burn in the milk for 15 minutes for quick relief. Whole-milk yogurt will also help to cool and hydrate the parched skin.

  1. Oatsoats

Add a cup of oats to bath water and soak it for 20 minutes for large burns. For small irritation, add small quantity of it and soak the affected area. Thin layer of oats, prevents you from itching.

  1. Coconut oilcoconut-oil-web

Coconut oil is one of the excellent sources of Vitamin E that also contains fatty acids. It is both anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial. If there is a left out mark in any portion of your body, then massage the mark with coconut oil and lemon juice. Lemon juice will help to lighten the scar while coconut oil helps to heal it.



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