9-month Baby Finger Crushed Due to Gurgaon Daycare’s Negligence!


Last week in Gurgaon, a nine-month baby finger split into an apparent accident at the daycare center.

9-month-year old Ayana was dropped by her parents in the morning at her Daycare, Intellitots Creche, and Activity Centre in Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon on May 19. Shortly, after they left; doctors informed that there is an emergency and they should rush back to the hospital.

Bhawana Rastogi, Ayana’s mom gave a detailed description of the horror that encountered in a Facebook post.

The accident took place around 10:30 pm when Ayana was carried out to the Diaper room by the maid. The maid closed the door without being realized that the baby’s hands were still on it.

“ While I write this post, my baby lies beside me with her left arm immobilized and her left-hand ring finger amputated as the maid apparently shut the door on my daughter while changing in the diaper room while her finger got cut between the doors.”

No one can ever imagine, how badly see her screaming and all in blood with her finger piece separated.

We had a major surgery on 19th May at Medanta and its unknown for us too.

However, this surgery will also be repeated by another one this Thursday. And, the procedure will get repeated maybe twice every week for 6 weeks.

Bhawan added when they requested for the CCTV footage; the Intellitots, Pooja Goyal, and Shivani Kapoor allegedly told the parents that there is no footage available as the CCTV got corrupted at the very right moment.

Bhawan added, “the maid who shut the door had never done like that before in the past and they don’t know how it could have happened.”

However, the matter was taken to the Police as well as to the concerned authorities. This is regarding an unfortunate incident that caused injury to the 9-month-old child at Intellitots located inside our Gurgaon facility.



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