9 packing essentials for mountain trips


Mountain trips on weekends can help to escape from the urban life.  The weather is usually cooler in comparison with lower altitudes. Mountaineers require special gear & clothing. However, if you failed to bring the right stuff, you may end up with backaches, blisters, etc.

Before you go for a next trip, just go through the checklist to make sure that you have all the essentials.

  • Insulation

Set a mountaineering hybrid down sweater to keep you warm. In fact, mountaineering means high altitudes. High altitudes mean chilly nights. It helps to keep your body temperature normal, as it will make feel warm in this water- resistant puffy.

  • Beanie

This is head-hugging brimless or brimmed half-acrylic hat that will warm your noggin above treeline. Moreover, it is soft & itch-free.

  • Gloves

Mountaineers use gloves, which are lightweight. Insulated & breathable gloves are perfect for winter outings. The outer fabric of the gloves is quite smooth enough to keep you insulated.

  • Tent

The most important part for every mountaineer. What would a human do without shelter? Therefore, get an excellent quality of two-person backpacking shelter. It feels roomy, even a dog can lay on their very comfortably.

  • Boiler

There is the lack of food in high elevations. It’s safer for you to carry a boiler for both food & drinks. Whether it is Maggi or a cup of hot coffee in the hilly areas for all the bhukads right there!

  • Camera

No trip without a camera. Whether it is DSLR or Sony, a must element in everyone’s bag. Get a lightweight & easy-to-use camera. Moreover, with excellent video recording & digital zoom of pictures.

  • Socks

A pair of socks is perfect for cool & cold weather hikes. Get WigWam Outlast Weather Warrior socks for keeping you insulated. It also changes the state with your body heat for a warming effect.

  • Contour maps & compass

Often, mountaineers forgot the directions on those hilly areas. So, it’s advisable to use both contour maps & compass to acquire the right directions.

  • Medicine Kit

A first aid box includes medicines, bandages, gauze, tapes, etc. should be kept before planning for a mountain trip. Normally, asthma patients suffer a lot from high altitudes. Whether it is trekking or hiking, it’s advisable to keep a first aid kit handy.



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