Aarushi Talwar Case- Story Till Today

The Noida double murder case of 2008  covered the murder of 12 year old daughter of a dentist couple, Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj, their 45 year old servant. The investigation that followed led to the arrest of the parents, Nupur and Rajesh Talwar on the basis of suspicions by the police. But are they the real culprits in the case?
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The two were killed in the middle of the night around 12 to 1 am at night on 15th-16th May. The case received heavy media coverage with the victims of murder also falling victim to scandalous allegations crafted by the media. But these allegations actually turned the case around. Initially, when the body of Aarushi Talwar was found in her bedroom, Hemraj was missing and was suspected to have committed the murder. But later when his body was discovered on the terrace the very next day this was completely washed away. The police then turned their investigation against Aarushi’s parents. The allegations made against them were various; one where the poor Aarushi was alleged to have an objectionable relationship with Hemraj, the others were Rajesh was alleged of committing the crime to hide his extramarital affair. The Talwars in turn blamed the police to have framed them for the murder as a revenge of them complaining about their bungled up investigation. When the case was transferred into the hands of CBI, three other suspects entered the story- Krishna, an assistant at the Talwars’ clinic, Rajkumar and Vijay, two other domestic helpers. The case was again back under the police, later.
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The case went on for a while, taking into account various suspicions and the situation and narco analysis reports until in 2013, the Talwars were convicted and sentenced to life on no strong grounds. But is the case justified yet? The media brought in so many allegations and stories that the real story faded somewhere in between this. A movie, ‘Talwar’ was released recently trying to bring the case back in the limelight. Many of Aarushi’s friends as well as other family friends made several attempts to support the Talwars and bring them out of the case but it was all in vain. A friend of Aarushi explained in a blog about Aarushi Talwar, being a great girl and the amazing bond she shared with her parents. It is also written how the media has the girl with their knitted up stories. Aarushi’s grandparents too opened up with a letter explaining the innocence of their granddaughter and the Talwars. Apart from the stories there is no other reason for the parents to be blamed.
However, the truth still remains unknown with a lot  of things being tucked away by the investigators. If Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are not really the murderers, will it be right to punish them? ‘It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer’.


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