An Acid Attack, after 17 Surgeries; found love!


Life, we all know, can be very cruel.  There are at times, life wouldn’t provide second chances. But, like they say; life always comes with surprises. No matter good or bad. Basically, it shows how you choose to brush the dirt and take life on!

And this is exactly what happened with a 26-year-old acid attack, brave woman. Her story of courage is not only inspiring but also a heart-filling story for all hopeless romantics.

Meet Lalita Ben Bansi who, after braving an acid attack and 17 facial construction surgeries, married a man of her dreams, Ravi Shankar, a 27-year-old lad.

The new bride at the reception,

“Miracles do happen. Who would have ever thought after an acid attack and 17 construction surgeries, I would find love. But, it happened. Everything started with a wrong number.”

Yes, you heard it right! It started with a wrong number. They got to know each other over the past two months and decided to get married. The couple tied their knot this Tuesday in Thane court.

However, Lalita has seen a lot of struggles before happiness knocked at her door. Earlier in 2012, Lalita’s cousin threw acid on her just for a minor argument.

My face still remained deformed, even after 17 surgeries. So, for a change, I moved from Azamgarh to Kalwa in Thane near Mumbai. Shankar made me believe in love. He actually taught me what actually love is! And, it’s a fresh start.

To this shy groom replied,

I liked her from the very beginning. However, I only had to convince my mom to accept my choice. Even, I had to make Lalita believe that she too should have the right to choose a better life.

Shankar who works as a CCTV reporter at a private firm and also owns a petrol pump in Ranchi has left the decision on his wife to decide where to settle.

However, the story doesn’t end here! Her story is so inspiring that even Bollywood actor, Vivek Oberoi, who earlier has raised his voice against the acid attackers, was in attendance to bless the newly married couple.

Lalita stands to be a true hero for everyone. She proved thousands of acid attackers that here life is not a full stop. Life is all about only commas with all possibilities happening around.




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