Acid-attack survivors get tattooed at a workshop in Delhi.


While five women got stuck in a cubic sized tattoo parlor, they are tucked in the green environs; that were not their clothes rather their scars that went noticed. These acid-attack survivors wanted to ink for the first time and learn the art of tattoo making.

Talking about the scars on the body, acid-attack survivor Laxmi said, When I told then we can learn the art of tattoo making, I thought our bodies are already tattooed and what’s the need for this? But, we came up with an idea of making money; a medium to create jobs for us and even it raises awareness to stop acid attacks.

However, the experience to be inked began with Rupa, when she opted for her mother’s name to written on her forearm. With the inhibitions going gradually going, a beeline is formed to be inked.

“I am planning to open a beauty salon and If I’m able to create tattoos; I can satisfy my clients and they will be happy,” says another acid attack survivor Sonia.

Vikas Malani, the tattoo expert who spread the day-long activity says, “On the eve of Women’s day while thinking about my late mother, I saw a picture which I could connect with. But, later realized it was none other than Laxmi; the acid-attack survivor. I have decided to bring smiles on their faces. However, I also inspired the art of making tattoos of their own.”

After the long day hours workshop, two acid-attack survivors- Ritu and Madhu; showed interest in learning further and providing tattoo making facility at Sheroes cafe.  After selecting and discussing among themselves, they along with few others plan to come back to pursue their passion and get trained in the art.

I know tattoos can hide my scars, but I wouldn’t do it because these scars are my identity and the reason of mine for being alive. I want the society to see them and feel ashamed of themselves.


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