What advices would you like to give to Indian boys?


Here are some of the advices for the indian boys that they should learn and apply in their life.


1. You are one or none….!! Yes, don’t copy, don’t admire to be someone rather learn from them, you shouldn’t repeat their mistake.

2. Educate someone for free. You learned and earned. Where you used your knowledge nowhere. Always feel free to advise and teach someone who needs it.

3. Love and support your parents till last. I heard so many news that a son left his parents alone either because of his work or because of his love. You can earn billions but remember you are not going to be blessed. You might get your love, but if you leave your parents for her, you are going to face same in last. Remember Karma works.

4. You are playing between life and death. Always remember death is inevitable, but dreams are not. Do something with your heart either it is music, writing the novel or engineering/medical/chartered accountant always try to return more than your profession gives you.

5. Don’t feel disappointed for not having engineering or MBA degree from IIT or IIM. NO, man, it is fine. It is fine doing engineering from a decent college, but it is not fine that not using your full potential. I have examples you can see it right here Top Entrepreneurs in India Who Didn’t Give a Damn About IIT/IIM

6. Learn managing things. Yes, this skill is required for everything. For your personal life and professional life as well. The art of managing things will help you to achieve greatest heights.

7. One day is one day tomorrow is new for nothing if you waste it. So many guys they spoil their life by doing things which are not relevant rather they spend times in unproductive and destructive activities don’t do that. TIME comes with “Opportunities, ” and it goes with “Worries.” Either blame or use it wisely.

NOW no more advice enjoy and work hard….!! 🙂




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