This iPhone 7 Summary Is Hilarious Af!


17 September was marked as one of the biggest days of the year for the tech industry. After all, on that day, tech giant Apple launched the much awaited iPhone 7 — the newest, fanciest, shiniest iPhone to hit the world.

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CEO Tim Cook kicked off the event by doing Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon because he’s a badass like that. While the iPhone was out, so were the jokes.


The world waited with bated breath as the tech giant Apple launched the seventh version their flagship product, iPhone. Along with that came the Apple Watch 2, another one of the overpriced addition to Apple product cluster.

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The internet has been poking fun as usual. The people on the internet can be brutal and unapologetic when it comes to tearing down big corporations. But recently, the popular All India Bakchod, have made the parody to end all parodies on iPhone.


AIB’s reaction resonated with those of many others. Like any other average person who was eagerly awaiting the launch, AIB was disappointed when the moment finally arrived.


Apple claims to be the first and with a colour that is apparently the darkest shade of black, the justifications for the price tag of over Rs 60000 for the iPhone 7 will still raise eyebrows.



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