Aishwarya Explains Her Much Discussed Lip Color At Cannes.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s lavender-blue lipstick was the talk of the town after the Cannes International Film Festival held this year. The fashion police groped their hands at the very first chance they got to pass comments on the out-of-the-box look Aishwarya chose to portray. The news had been on social media and even in the newspapers throughout the week.Cannes

At the premieres of From The Land of the Moon, Aishwarya Rai pulled off a beautiful Rami Kadi floral gown, but the show stealer was the purple lipstick which attracted mixed reaction; a load of criticism and also some applause for the daring attempt. Many took to twitter with their comments, some even saying ‘Aishwarya must have kissed a smurf’. The actress seemed not much effected and said, being the brand ambassador of L’Oreal, it was the part of her professional commitment that she adorned what the company preferred and she is totally cool about the shade of lipstick they suggested this time. She also explained that she has been a part of the showbiz for a long time and has a clear idea of fashion and is not interested to blindly follow any particular trend. She also added that she had been working with professionals and they have been “magically creative” with her. She says that a film festival back in India does not demand much glamour, but something like Cannes does.

With Sarbjit promotions, i sometimes have dressed according to the occasion and sometimes opposite.. It is not a frivolous thing with me. I have made choices of hair and makeup. I have been here long enough to get stardust in my eyes,” said the 42 year old actress.

Aishwarya has always stunned the red carpet with her careful choice of fashion. She has attended Cannes for 15 years, making a style statement each time. The former Miss World was at Cannes 2016 attending the screening of her latest movie Sarbjit along with the movie crew.



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