Akanksha Arora, a Mumbai-resident started Bakery for pet dogs!


If you have a pet dog in your home, we’re sure you’ll be protective enough. No matter how they grow in size, they will always be a puppy for you. The way they hug you seeing after a long time and the way they make faces when they need something melts your mouth every single time. And, along with the love you have for them; you should also take care of them. Basically, their diet is very important.

Pet owners’ refuses baked cookies to feed their pets, as this could turn out to be unhealthy. The conflict between puppy dog eyes and their health can be absolutely heart-breaking.

Akanksha Arora, a chef by profession and a pet baker by passion, is on a mission to make sure that your pooch wouldn’t comprise on health. The young chefs have come up with a bakery, named Baker’s Dozen; that treats especially for pet dogs.

They offer pet treats with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. They also make special pet treats for parties. It includes gluten-free tarts with mince meat filling and even pup brownies. You heard it right, brownies too!

They are made with human grade ingredients and so pet parents can try too. This means you can enjoy your brownie with your pooch, without worrying about their health.

Look at this dog with his birthday cake, seems like he can’t resist having the first slice. Akanksha realized the need of a bakery after her pet’s death.

“After my pet’s death, I didn’t want that pet parents would feed their puppies unhealthy foods. The pet owners’ shouldn’t feed unhealthy things in the name of treats, parties, etc. I even figured out healthy treats in the market.”

The bakery extreme care for not to add preservatives and artificial coloring. Moreover, the food will be prepared according to the dietary plan.

A gourmet bakery for your loving pets seems like a wonderful idea! Isn’t it?


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