Alia Bhatt Opens Up that Karan is like her father and ‘I’m very fond of Katrina’.


After Alia Bhatt is giving continuous hits, the latest one is Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya; she is relishing her success. Speaking to a popular magazine, the 24-year-old actress recently opens up all her issues, right from FOMO moments to her love life. Here is she speaks about all.

Speaking about her love life, She can up for some commitment, but not to get married. “I think career comes first and still be all off for commitment. My career is my focus but, there should be a balance in life. It’s not like that I’m fear for commitment; I also don’t want to get married right now. As long as your biological allows that to do.”

Being an actor, she had never got a FOMO (Fear of Missing Moment) professionally. However, in personal lives, it had gone many times.

In my personal life, I rarely do but, there are times when I still can believe that I missing something. Like when my friend’s hangouts or go for a trip and make memories. Then, I realize that I do something which I like the most. I’m glad to have such opportunity.

Recently, Alia moved out of her parents, talks about she shares the new bond with her family. She claims that she is no more connected to them. “I moved out of my home too early, since I have done that; We (her parents she herself) went, even more, closer. Now, it takes efforts to spend time together and that’s not taken for granted. Instead, we appreciate and value it. And, even I became very close to my sister. She is all in one for me, mother; a sister; best friend and guides me as well. Although, we don’t talk daily, but we are quite close to each other.”

Revealing her friendships in Bollywood, “I do have close relationships in Bollywood. Ayan Mukherji and Abhishek Varman- both the directors are close friends of mine. I admire them a lot. Karan Johar is like my father to me and I’m very fond of Katrina.”



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