“Her Leg Had To Be Amputed” My Story- How I Climbed Mount Everest


Arunima Sinha ,Sports Enthusiast

One day she was traveling in train , when robbers attacked her n tried to snatch her gold chain and hand bag..She fought back.. they pushed her from running train,another train coming in oppose parallel track crushed her legs,She was lying on Train track , crying n screaming for help and out of pain and passed out..Passerby saw her and took to hospital , by that time doctors had no option than ampute her leg… Worst part, news in media that she is mentally ill and jumped of moving train…..to commit Suicide… She felt helpless as no one is listening to her.. then she made extraordinary thing…im’possible dream(she made it possible)

She climbed Mount Everest to raise her voice…

3 years vigorous training…

52 days deadly trekking…

She reached top….Mount EverestFirst Amputee to Climb Mount Everest…!!

I like her Change in before and after photo… truly inspirational

Thank you for reading..

Have a beautiful day…

Be Happy, Healthy & Safe


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