Amazon Employees Steal Mobile Phones From Go-down


There is a latest amazon news which is spreading very quickly from person to person. Police report that mobile handsets worth Rs 10.37 lakh were allegedly stolen from the company godown on Amazon on Wednesday. amazon

According to a police complaint lodged by the giant e-commerce, Inspector Jaiprakash Bhosle of Padgha police station reported that about 17 mobile handsets were stolen by 5 contractual employees from the storehouse at Kurund village near Padgha. The stock included some high-end handsets as well.

Employee theft concerns Amazon

Amazon employs around 90000 employees in over 50 fulfillment centers and has always made headlines for internal theft. The company’s storehouses from all over the world have reported cases of stealing which included stealing of DVDs and jewelry to makeup and even a co-worker’s lunch. There were also allegations of an employee stealing iPhone from the warehouse where the products get packaged and shipped 1

News had arisen that the warehouses are now under strict security following the theft incidents. Also, sources report of the warehouse having a flat screen TV to shame people caught in stealing. An anonymous ex-employee from the company remarks the security at the warehouses to be tight. The employees, before leaving the warehouse, are made to walk through metal detectors and get their bags screened. 

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However, regarding the recent incident, a case has been charged against the 5 accused under sections IPC 381 that covers theft by clerk or servant of property in possession of master along with IPC 34 that covers acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention, but none has been arrested so far. In an earlier case another employee, Aakash Sapat, from the same company was caught stealing a mobile handset worth Rs 7,500 from the storehouse and was subsequently arrested under charges IPC 381 and IPC 511 that covers attempting to commit offenses.


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