Ferris Wheel Collapses In Amusement Park Video Leaked


After watching the video of this incident , its pretty much sure to make people think twice before deciding to head out to an amusement park

Amusement Park-The Story

Amusement park

On 11th if April, the Kishkinta Amusement Park in Chennai witnessed a shocking incident of a Giant Ferris wheel collapsing causing death of a worker. The incident took place during the trial run of the newly assembled ride. After the park was closed to visitors, the ride operated by 20 workers embarked on it for trial run. The ride broke into three pieces with one of the workers was killed in the mishap and 9 others were taken to Deepam Hospital in Tamabaram. A video was uploaded on YouTube shot by a witness and would send chills down your spine.
Watch The Video Of the Collapse

The owner and manager of the park have been arrested following the tragic incident.
Making trials using workers is not at all justifiable. There is no guarantee of the trial turning out successful. And so one cannot knowingly put people’s life at risk. As vacations approach, amusement parks start flooding with family and friends in groups, both large and small. People enjoy the rides placing their trust on the safety promised by the park’s management. After such an incident these amusements are definitely going to be under the shadow of doubt. Not every park and ride are faulty. The authorities just need to be more careful about the safety of the people, be it workers or tourists. After all it’s the matter of life.


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